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The following are copies of selected  newsgroup posts from alt.religion.scientology discussing the 1st Annual Benefit Concert for the Lisa McPherson Trust.  For the entire active discussions, go to that discussion newsgroup and look for any headers mentioning the concert.  For those with limited time, the A.R.S. Week in Review is a good source of an overview of the week's activity on this volatile newsgroup.  If you cannot configure your regular news browser, you can always use dejanews, search the alt. category for Scientology.

             Jamie Kennedy in the news
             Thu, 26 Oct 2000 16:58:19 GMT
             "M. C. DiPietra" <>
             EarthLink Inc. --

Sorry if this is duplicating [don't mean to step on BatChild's domain here]
- my newsfeed was down a few days, so I don't know if it was posted.

A friend sent me snail-mail an article clipped from the Oct. 20, 2000
Vallejo, CA _Times-Herald_, by RIchard Freedman, staff writer:


Slam Poet says Scientology members are after him

    It used to be Jamie Kennedy would hear demons. Life has gotten a lot
worse for the slam poet from Vallejo. Now he hears members of the Church of
    Kennedy, the iconoclastic producer of "Tourettes without Regrets" poetry
slam nights, psyched himself for today's 8 PM verbal incendiary event at the
IMAC Talent Agency at 331 Georgia Street by slamming the organization
founded by his great-grandfather, L. Ron Hubbard.
    Aparantly, Kennedy's poem, "Judas' Son," slams the controversial church.
And Kennedy's been asked to perform it in February at an anti-Church of
Scientology event in Florida.
    "They don't want publicity going after me," Kennedy said. " IT doesn't
look good going after a family member of L. Ron Hubbard."
    Kennedy insists members of the church have harassed him, even trying to
track him down at his ex-girlfriend's house and at his mother's place.
    "They lied and said they were poets," Kennedy said, adding that he
wouldn't be surprised if his phones were tapped.
    "It's all about the family legacy," the slam poet said.
    Kennedy said the two men looking for him "were in shock" when they found
out Kennedy's mother is Hubbard's granddaughter.
    "It would be like being Jesus' daughter or something," said Kennedy.
    Kennedy said his mom "had a bad feeling" about the uninvited visitors
and politely asked them to leave.
    "She prayed for them to get out of the church," he said, adding that he
has become more energized" about doing his poem in Florida.
    But first, there's tonight's Poetry Slam night ...[snipped] XENU WORLD ORDER CD now available
         M.C.DiPietra <>, SP4, KoX
"Hell, if you understood everything I say, you'd be me!" -Miles Davis

             Re: PTSC Unearths LMT Duplicity!!!
             Sat, 28 Oct 2000 23:10:23 -0500
             Tommy <Tommy_Sp**>
             tommya, at, hotmail, dot, com
             Gorilla Goalies
             1 , 2 wrote:
> On Sat, 28 Oct 2000 03:18:42 GMT, "Mr. Scary" <> wrote:
> >There is nothing to prove!
> >
> >Mr. Scary Productions is paying for his expenses!  And will be paying for them
> once
> >he gets here.  What do you want, a running tab of meals and cab fares?  Scanned
> >copies of credit card receipts?  Wanna know whether we bought him shots of
> vodka or
> >maybe he likes sushi...whether he prefers Marriott or Motel 6... I bet the cult
> >would love that, it would give them an inside track on what hotel he will be
> staying
> >at so they can serve him with subpoenas for depositions for lawsuits he has
> nothing
> >to do with...and for a change their PI's won't have to impersonate police
> officers
> >to find out what room he is in...
> >
> >Okay, to humor you, as far as Jamie goes, so far Mr. Scary has paid for:  1.
> Travel
> >Expenses.  2.  NOTHING ELSE!
> >
> >And that is more information than we had any reason to give you.
> >
> >Mr. Scary
> In other words Bob fronted you some Minton bucks so you could say Mr. Scary
> Productions paid. Was it in cash? Like several grand worth of advance ticket
> "sales"?

No, theta-for-brains, the Marcabs are picking up the tab.
Or is it the 12 bankers?
Or is it the Tenyaka Memorial?

I'll tell you what - why don't you just drop back twenty yards and punt?

A walk down the path of history is crunchy with the crispy corpses of
those who pooh-poohed or ignored the clown car of ridicule when it
pulled-up to the curb.

Stephen Jones

             Re: Tons of Fun Patty Greenway -- Lies Again For ALL!!!
             Tue, 24 Oct 2000 07:18:22 -0700
             barb <>
             @Home Network
             1 wrote:
> Why the continuous attempts to conceal LMT? You tell us the hate rally is NOT
> an LMT event, yet in the Lying Minton Trust's own printed propaganda material
> found in area covens this is promoted as an "UPCOMING LMT EVENT!" Judging by
> the number of losers responding this post struck a nerve with the criminal
> elements in society.

Indeed, your cult keeps responding! Hate rally, indeed! Since when is
protesting abuse interpreted as an act of hate? Concern, yes. Distaste,
absolutely! But hate? Naw, your cult seems to have cornered the market
on that. It's awfully fond of playing victim, too, strange behavior for
people of such empowerment! <snicker>

Poor littul clams, squalling for the right to abuse its members and
critics as a religious tenet!  Beware the 100th monkey, clamboy! When
your evil little empire crumbles, it's gonna go down faster than a
working girl on El Cajon Boulevard, and with a lot less grace.

Chaplain, ARSCC

             Re: LMT benefit concert - A commentary from Mr. Scary
             Mon, 23 Oct 2000 18:16:40 GMT
             "Starshadow" <>
             @Home Network

<> wrote in message

Just on the off chance that you are one of the real insane followers of the
insane CRIMINALLY indicted nutcult Scientology, let me answer some of these
lies, for the benefit of lurkers who do not know yet that LYING IS A

> Mike Krotz is Mr. Scary.  Perfect name to do promotions for a hate-group.
> is he so desperately trying to hide.  Let's just take a look at what and
who is
> the Lisa McPherson Trust, Incroporated really?

What does a nym prove, "sled dog", that you are harnessed to a criminal nut
cult and like a dog have to return to your own vomit?

> It is a nationally labeled hate-group.

Only in the minds of your criminal nut culters.

>Every one of its employees are criminals
> and under investigation by local, state and federal authorities.

Criminal in this case meaning someone who opposes the criminal nut cult of
Scientology which was convicted of crimes in Canada and other countries.

 The Executive
> Vice President of the Lisa McPherson Trust Incorporated is Jesse Prince.
He was
> very recently raided and arrested for cultivating marijuana in his house.
> Jesse Prince had a lot of plants growing there and that is a felony he is
> facing.

Do you actually believe that one sickly pot plant found growing in one
houseplant on a porch, with absolutely NO OTHER paraphernalia usually found
on pot growers, such as papers, seeds, pipes, equals "cultivating marijuana
in his house" or "a lot of plants" (notice you don't say a lot of pot
plants, which would be an even more BLATANT lie)?

Do you expect people to actually believe that a user and grower would have
ZERO paraphernalia used by growers and users?

> He is facing much more actually.  Jesse Pricne is also a deprogrammer,
> as is Stacy Brooks who is the President of the Lisa McPherson Trust
> Incorporated.  She is currently defrauding the State of Florida with the
> company she is running.

The Lisa McPherson Trust is not a "sham company" by Wog rules, sorry to have
to inform you.

> Bob Minton is the head honcho of the Lisa McPherson Trust Incorporated.
He pays
> and directs all others working under him.  He is facing money laundering
> in Switzerland filed against him by the Federal Republic of Nigeria.  He
is also
> facing fraud and forgery violations.  He's the leader of this group -
fraud &
> forgery! Get it.

Of course this is a BLATANT LIE as well. There are no money laundering or
other charges in Nigeria or anywhere else.

>  Next is Mark Bunker.  Currently facing criminal trespass
> charges in Chicago for his ambush attempt to video tape.  He was sent by
> Minton - fraud and forgery expert.  Hate Crime charges have been talked
about by
> the State who is prosecuting Bunker.  Let's see how this one turns out as
> is facing trial before the end of the year.

You seem to think that "charged" equals "convicted". Let me explain that
despite the fact that in Wog law one is supposed to be innocent until found

Of course you neglect to mention that your criminal nut cult's followers are
both charged and caught on video tape with criminal trespass and attacking
critics, as well as threatening bodily harm to them.

> Let's turn to Keith Henson.  He is a Lisa McPherson Trust Incorporated
> Henson pounds the pavement around Scientology organizations in California
> promoting the Lisa McPherson Trust Incorporated telephone number on his
> He is acting for and with the Lisa McPherson Trust Incorporated.  He is
going to
> trial on terrorist charges!  This guy is for the Lisa McPherson Trust
> Incorporated and they are each and everyone of them proud.  He is going to
go to
> jail for terrorist acts. Yea LMT!!

Another BLATANT LIE as the charges of "terrorist threats(not acts)" were
jokes about ICBM missiles and attack trained eagles carrying off the (*) you
follow blindly.
Only an insane nut cultist like yourself would equate jokes about ICBMs with
"terrorist acts".

> Krotz is paid all right, don't think he
> isn't.  He is paid by Peter Alexander and Patricia Greenway who are simply
> greediest of insane individuals.  There is a ton of cirminal acts they are
> hiding which are not long for secrecy.  Krotz is so dumb and dumber
however he
> doesn't see it.

 Of course Mr. Scary is paid. He is a promoter. It is his job. I realize in
your insane little world people only get paid rice and beans and the
occasional weekly pittance if their stats are up but in the Real World (read
Wog World) people are paid for doing their jobs. Deal with it.

> Mike Krotz has been duped by all of the above criminals into believing the
> BENEFIT concert is a benefit.  What it is supposed to benefit however is
> entirely deceptive.  Bob Minton, Stacy Brooks, Mark Bunker, Jesse Prince,
> Henson, Patricia Greenway and Peter Alexander (not to forget terrorist
> Jeff jacobsen who is evil to the core and is the chief promoter for the
> McPherson Trust Incorporated of his hidden evil ideas to hurt and kill
> all have legal bills to pay, big ones, for crimes, for upcoming charges,
> trials, for lawyers, for legal experts, for keeping themselves from going
> jail.  That is where the proceeds will go.  Aboslutely no doubt about it.

 Of course the criminal nut cult which spends millions on hiring PIs to
harass private citizens and hiring lawyers to harass them would think this.

But when Minton and his cronies start tying women to their beds and starving
them to death like your CRIMINAL NUT CULT did to Lisa McPherson, then you'll
have a point, other than the one on top of your head.

> That is why the LMT has to trick the public now to "donate" to their
>  It is a joke all right but it is a joke on the public just the same.  Any
> goes to pay the Lisa McPherson Trust Incorporated lawyers who are working
> overtime for the criminals employed by and for the Lisa McPherson Trust
> Incorporated!  The only reason you're reading all this Mike is to give you
> EDUCATION.  Go Mike!

  Unlike your criminal nut cult which solicits money to pay the lawyers who
are working overtime for the REAL criminals employed by and for the Church
of Scientology (tm).

 But just be aware, doggy, when you finally wake up, the Lisa McPherson
Trust will be there for  you, too.

 I hope you understand that before they lock YOU up for trying to leave.

Bright Blessings,

 Starshadow (SP4, KoX) (Yes, I have an @home account now. )
( still works)

"Feminism--the radical notion that women are people, too"

             Re: Mike Krotch - Please Explain
             Tue, 17 Oct 2000 21:17:02 -0700
             Gerry Armstrong <>
             Internet Services
             1 , 2

On Tue, 17 Oct 2000 04:36:20 GMT, "Mr. Scary" <>

>Thanx a ton for that SledDog, you just made the first flier for the benefit!   "What
>Scientology will do and say to stop you from attending this event!!!!!"
> wrote:
>> Krotch - please explain your last line.  The LMT staff are a pack of law
>> violators plain and simple!  Jesse Prince arrested for cultivating marijuana -
>> he had a crop growing and that's a felony under his belt, not to mention he is
>> wanted for arrest in Colorado!  Then there is Mark Bunker who was arrested out
>> of state on criminal trespass charges - I am actually unclear if they did
>> finally charge him with hate crimes as well?  Now introduce Bob Peterson - who
>> was committing felony violations until the US Postal Inspector stepped in on
>> him.  Now it looks like he or Stacy Brooks or Jeff Jacobson or Mark Bunker or
>> Jesse Prince or Bob Minton are committing wire fraud with the deceptive postings
>> of "Starboard List" on the internet!   If that isn't a hate motivated bunch of
>> law-breakers You've got to practice what you preach ol boy!   By the way, who
>> ever heard of a "benefit" to collect "donations" for a for-profit corporation.
>> I don't know whether that's illegal or not but only a real sucker would fall for
>> that.  I heard the last benefit dinner lost $1500 for the LMT.  How much do you
>> plan to lose on this.  Stop the pretense Krotch, you know the ONLY reason you
>> and the others continue to exist in Clearwater is because of the largess of Bob
>> Minton (I mean large-ass of which you are kissing).   Not because of any
>> "donations" to his for profit company.

Excellent Mr. Scary. You're right, this is perfect for a flier. Get
the public used to DC-8 loads of black PR from $cientology, so that it
ceases to have any impact except for automatic revulsion at the cult's
vicious, criminal activities and nature.

Way to go $cientology. Every bit of black PR ever dredged up and
vomited out by you $cientologists and your agents is on its way back
to you. Your only escape from the tragedy you are pulling in with all
the black PR you've been putting out is to seek forgiveness. While we
wait, however, we print fliers.

 Gerry Armstrong

             Re: LMT Benefit Concert press release (plain text version)
             Mon, 16 Oct 2000 02:50:42 GMT
    - Before you buy.

In article <>,
  "Mr. Scary" <> wrote:
> The event will take place on Saturday, November 11, 2000 from 12 p.m.
> 2 a.m. at Club More, located at 703 Franklin Street, Clearwater,
> 33756.  All ages are welcome before 8 p.m., at which time only adults
> or older will be permitted.  Cover charges will be free/donation for
> those 15 or younger, $15.00 for ages 16 thru 20, and $10.00 for ages
> and older.  Club More may be reached at 727-466-6673.

> Many of the board members of the Lisa McPherson Trust are former
> Scientologists, and their stated goal is to educate the public as to
> true nature of Scientology and its methods, as well as to help those
> want to leave the group.  The Lisa McPherson Trust states that its
> objectives include:  Exposing the Church of Scientology’s abuse of the
> human, civil and privacy rights of its members and critics.  Revealing
> its deceptive advertising practices that border on consumer fraud.
> will bring to light those “religious practices” that violate civil or
> criminal law.  They help people in recovering from their unique
> experience with the abusive and deceptive practices of the Church of
> Scientology.  They offer counsel to Scientologists who choose to hear
> the truth about how the Church of Scientology uses deceptive mind
> control techniques.  Their dedicated staff provides the information,
> love and support to Scientologists that enables them to release the
> bonds of cult mind control.

FYI, they are not a help group, it was not found to help anyone but
minton's ego. They have lured only 4 people out of Scn, two of them are
freezoners(i.e. practising scientology outside the scn).

They attack also against other critics who dare to critisize their
actions. By supporting them, you support also these attacks. That is
the side of them they don't want to be shown.

Many of them are truly an "ex" scientologists, but they still think and
use same methods to silence other critics as scientologists do., i'm not a scientologist nor there minion.

Sent via
Before you buy.