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Bob Minton, Chairman of the Lisa McPherson Trust, regarding Scientology and creativity:
Nov. 3, 2000

Why Scientology hates critics and music

Critics of Scientology believe in giving everyone choices and a chance to be
creative by writing their own script for their own lives. If an individuals
critical thinking skills have not been fully suspended, their self-directed
script will be incompatible with Hubbard's story. Therefore, by definition
Scientology must vehemently oppose creativity and those who espouse it.

Scientology must oppose anyone they think might prevent them and
theirs from enjoying the next sequel in their story. The Scientology
story casts both the hero and villain as part of the individual Scientologist.
Because of this intense personal involvement/conflict the plot is very riveting
and the successes of the hero or heroine that much more critical.

Unfortunately the Scientology story is like a serial where the hero’s
accomplishments are short lived. There’s always another villain to
slay. Yes, watching the hero slay the supposed villain makes the
audience happy. Further, there is the belief that resolving the conflict in the
hero’s favor implies a wonderful future for them. This is the bait--the essence
of love--in the Scientology trap.

Love in this context implies that the one who loves you is predicting and
intending a happy, positive, eternal future for you. This is exactly what
Scientology seems to offer but the offer is conditional. This was Hubbard’s
plan. To get his love, the adherent must surrender much of their freedoms to
his prescribed Scientology script.

Oddly enough, people in the trap are fighting to stay in the trap for
as long as it takes to get the bait, or, failing that, as long as it
takes to become convinced that getting it is impossible. The
Scientologist find what masquerades as love, but what they don’t get
is the wonderful future. Instead they get a future of absolute
servitude to Scientology. Abject slavery! No chance for creativity. An
inability to even see creativity. Only adherence to a failed Scientology

Critics expose the Scientology organization for what it is--hate in a pretty

Today, there are enough critics who have ripped open Scientology's pretty
package to expose the bigotry and hatred at the core of Hubbard's evil disease.

Scientology fears the fact that hundreds, if not thousands, of local fans of
creativity will pack Club More on November 11th to listen to creative artists
and also hear critics of Scientology rip open more of Scientology's package of

I look forward to seeing you there.

Bob Minton